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Youngstown Coke Company
Youngstown Mine Explosion

Uniontown, Fayette County, Pennsylvania
October 27, 1884
No. Killed - 14

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The names of those killed were as follows:
  • William Minard, hauler, aged leaves a wife and four children.
  • James Price, Bootsman, aged 45, burned, leaves a wife and several small children.
  • James Price, Jr., son of the above, aged 18 was burned.
  • Thomas Cole, aged 45, burned. Leaves a sick wife and nine small children.
  • Jessie Miller, German, aged 53, smothered and slightly burned, leaves a wife and family.  He had only been working in the mines about two weeks.
  • George Miller, son of James, aged 15, smothered.
  • Albert Taylor, aged 37, smothered, leaves a wife who will in a few days become a mother.
  • Abraham Wilson, roadman, aged 36, burned, leaves a wife and four children.
  • Frank Nicklow, aged 46, smothered, leaves a wife and four children.
  • Wiliam Nicklow, son of Frank, aged 17, smothered.
  • George Cunningham, aged 36, burned, leaves a wife and one child.
  • Soloman Vanbickle, aged 23, badly burned and mangled, leaves a wife and one child.
  • Joseph Zebley, pumper, aged 18, burned.
  • Jack Lape, rope rider, aged 33, burned, leaves a wife and five children.
The following were more or less injured, but all considered out of danger.
Jacob Cole, David Cole, Chauncy Wilson, Chauncy Miller, Jerry Ringer, and James Darby.

Three or four others were in very weak condition and would have died from suffocation had they been left in the mine much longer.  The injured men were taken to their homes as soon as brought out of the mines, and the best of medical treatment given them, and whatever was necessary for their comfort and that of their families was promptly done by the company officials.

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