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Warner Collieries Coal Company
Wolf Run Mine Explosion

Amsterdam, Jefferson County, Ohio
December 5, 1935
No. Killed - 4

See also - Wolf Run Mine Fire, March 10, 1930
Successful Rescue

20 miners were rescued from behind a barricade 1 to 2 hours after an explosion in the Wolf Run mine at Amsterdam, Ohio.  Four miners were killed in the incident.  Source document  PDF Format

A local gas and dust explosion at Wolf Run mine of the Warner Collieries Company, December 5, 1935, caused by ignition of gas by an open light resulted in the death of 4 men.  After the explosion 20 men who were inby the explosion area short-circuited the air and erected a canvas brattice across the intake entry.

In about an hour a rescue party had reestablished ventilation up to this point, and the 20 men were able to leave the mine unassisted.  It is unlikely that a canvas brattice across the entry would have afforded much protection for these men had not the air been short-circuited outby the brattice.  They showed good judgment, however, in short-circuiting the air well outside the place at which they erected the brattice.

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