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Mine Disasters in the United States

Rochester and Pittsburgh Coal Company
Adrian Mine Explosion

Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania
November 9, 1911
No. Killed - 8

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Rescuer Deaths

It is believed that the six dead miners, realizing that there had been an explosion, dropped their dinner buckets and ran further into the mine to rescue their fellow workmen.  The dinner buckets were found about a mile and a half from the innermost workings of the mine, which is five miles from the entrance.

It is probable that a pocket of gas was opened by the early workers and that the open lamps, which are used exclusively in the workings, ignited the flames.  There is said to be no trace of fire in the mine.

Six Foreigners Dead in Adrian Mine Disaster
Indiana Evening Gazette, Pennsylvania
November 10, 1911

On account of the large mass of debris in the interior of the Adrian mine of the Rochester and Pittsburgh Coal Company, near Punxsutawney, in which an explosion took place on Thursday morning, the efforts of the rescue party to reach the bodies of two Slavs, who are known to be in the shaft, has been seriously interfered with.

Shortly after the explosion, four miners were gotten out and resuscitated after a half-hour's work.  Six dead bodies were recovered during the day.

The dead:
  • Mike Scarcero, 40, married
  • Samuel Bonsantie, 20, single
  • Robert Scardotte, 30, married
  • Lewis Sack, 20, single
  • Peter Reitz, 26, single
  • Alfonzo Bellware, 35, married
  • Mike Dehanain, 32, married
  • Paul Sinoski, 45, married

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