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All Mine Disasters in the United States
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Date Mine Name Location Mineral Disaster Cause Killed Report
03/02/1910 Alaska-Mexican View the planets for this day Treadwell, AK Gold Explosives 37  
10/26/1937 Jonesville  Jonesville, AK Bituminous Fire 14  
12/09/1912 Great Northern Development View the planets for this day Cordova, AK Gold Avalanche 9  
01/18/1957 Evan Jones View the planets for this day Jonesville, AK Bituminous Explosion 5  
03/15/1943 Atkinson Quarry View the planets for this day Excursion Inlet, AK Rock Explosives 5  
07/19/2007 Nome Operations View the planets for this day Nome, AK Gold Machinery 2   Download an Investigation Report for this Disaster
09/28/1911 Shakespeare Placer View the planets for this day Dome Creek, AK Gold Cave-in 0  

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