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Mine Disasters in the United States

Zeigler Coal Company
Zeigler Mine Explosion

Zeigler, Franklin County, Illinois
February 10, 1909
No. Killed 3

Consolidated Zeigler Mine Recoveries Report  (4.6 Mb)  PDF Format
Includes recovery efforts following these disaster events at the Zeigler Mine:
See also:   Zeigler Mine Explosion, Apr. 3, 1905
Zeigler Mine Fire, Nov. 3, 1908
Zeigler Mine Explosion and Fire, Jan. 10, 1909

Rescuer Deaths

During recovery operations following a fire at this mine, an explosion occurred and three men were killed instantly.  An initial disaster started on April 3rd, 1905 when 49 miners, including 5 rescuers, died following several explosions.  During recovery efforts on November 3, 1908, an additional 31 rescuers were killed in multiple explosions.  Another 26 rescuers were killed in an explosion during recovery efforts on January 10, 1909.


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