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Yolande Coal and Coke Company
Yolande No. 1 Mine Explosion

Yolande, Tuscaloosa County, Alabama
November 3, 1910
No. Killed 5

Mine Inspection Report and Related Correspondence  (1.8 Mb)  PDF Format

See also: Yolande No. 1 Mine Explosion, Dec. 16, 1907

The explosion occurred in the 6th right No. 1 slope entry when methane was ignited by a blown-out shot in raise of gas forced down by the blast to open lights on the entry below.

The deceased:
  • Fred Steele, 25, single
  • James Walker, 35, married, 3 orphans
  • Henry Landgraf, 62, married, 4 orphans
  • Dan Thomas, 44, married, 7 orphans
  • Mark Creek, 30, married

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