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Yellow Jacket Mining
Yellow Jacket Gold Mine Fire

Virginia City, Storey County, Nevada
July 1, 1879
No. Killed - 3

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Nevada Mine on Fire
The New York Times, New York
July 3, 1879

San Francisco, July 2. -- A special dispatch from Virginia City says a fire broke out last evening in the Yellow Jacket Mine, in a deserted winze, running from the 2,040 level to the 2,135.  Bulk heading was at once begun.  One bulkhead was put in on the 2,040 level just near the 2,000 level close to the winze where the fire originated.  This drove the smoke and gas along the 2,135 level, north, into the Bullion Mine, and dense volumes poured up the shaft.  The fire is now under control, and the damage is not over a few hundred dollars.

Three Bullion miners, John Cocker, William Perry, and D. O Donohue are missing.  They were at work in the Bullion incline, and were probably suffocated.

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