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Yellow Jacket Mining
Yellow Jacket Gold Mine Fire

Gold Hill, Storey County, Nevada
September 20, 1873
No. Killed - 6

Democratic Union News Article  (4.7 Mb)  

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San Francisco, Sept. 20 -- The following additional particulars have been received from the Yellow Jacket mine:

The firemen can do nothing toward extinguishing the fire, but it is in a place where there is not much timber, consequently it will soon die out.  Work will probably be commenced in the Belcher and Crown Point tomorrow, and none of the mines have sustained much damage.

Six miners were killed outright, and a number of others are very sick from inhaling the gas and being burned, but not dangerously.  People are greatly excited, and it is rumored that others are missing.  The cry now is, "No more blacksmith shops in the mines."  Albert Lacky, underground foreman of the Belcher mine, had his face and arms badly burned in trying to save his men.  The coroner's inquest will be held Monday.

Source: Salt Lake Daily Tribune, Sept. 21, 1873

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