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Santa Fe Railroad Company
White Ash Mine Explosion

Madrid, Santa Fe County, New Mexico
February 27, 1895
No. Killed - 24

State Inspector’s Report  PDF Format
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Twenty-Five were Killed in the Mine Explosion
Oakland Tribune, California
February 28, 1895

Los Cerrilos, N. Mex., February 28. -- At 3 a.m. today it was believed that all the victims of the White Ash Mine explosion had been rescued.

The dead number twenty-five, and injured eighteen, some of whom may die.

The list of the dead is as follows:
  • J. B. Donahue, pit boss
  • Johnnie Bock, trapper
  • Sam Hardesty
  • ______ Ellingsworth
  • Roy Phillips
  • William Jones
  • Sam Jones
  • W. T. McCart
  • Tom Whitey
  • John Sweeney
  • John Dathorne
  • Tom Hobiday
  • Jules Deserant (father)
  • Henry Deserant (son)
  • Louis Deserant (son)
  • Angelo Rutlati
  • Richard Deiro
  • ______ Homel
  • George Smite
  • August Le Piere
  • D. S. Sumstis
  • Henry Harben
  • M. J. Ryan
  • Alexander Keller
  • One Unknown
All the injured will recover.

Thomas Leaden, a White Ash miner and a member of the Territorial Legislature is trying to secure an appropriation for the relief of widows and orphans.

Although the legislative session ends today, it is pretty certain the act will be passed looking to the protection of miners.

It is claimed the White Ash mine was not properly ventilated.

Superintendent Duggan says, the explosion occurred in a room on the fourth level, over which the danger line had been drawn.

Two men, it is alleged, went over the line with an open lamp, contrary to orders.

The victims of the disaster are being buried this afternoon, making the largest funeral ever seen in New Mexico.

Note: The official number of dead from this disaster was 24.

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