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Mine Disasters in the United States

West Kentucky Coal Company
West Kentucky No. 10 Mine Fire

Wheatcroft, Webster County, Kentucky
March 12, 1934
No. Killed - 5

See also: West Kentucky No. 7 Mine Explosion, Aug. 4, 1917
West Kentucky No. 9 Mine Explosion, June 8, 1925
West Kentucky No. 7 Mine Explosion, Aug. 3, 1927
West Kentucky No. 10 Mine Explosion, Nov. 30, 1942

Five men lost their lives during a fire at this mine.  Evidently, the fire was discovered by the fire boss, but men were permitted to go into the mine.

At one point, a man-trip with twelve men was pushed into the smoke, but all escaped except one man who was later found dead about 70 feet inby fresh air.

Of the five persons losing their lives, one was rescued alive but died on the way to the surface.  The deaths were caused by inhaling carbon monoxide.

Evidently, the fire resulted from blasting coal at the face of room 64 off 10 right entry, presumably with pellet powder.

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