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Susquehanna Coal Company
Susquehanna No. 1 Mine Explosion

Nanticoke, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania
November 8, 1891
No. Killed - 12

State Mine Inspector's Narrative Report  (3.0 Mb)  PDF Format

Another Mine Horror
Indiana Democrat
November 12, 1891

Nanticoke, Pa., Nov. 9. -- A terrible explosion of gas occurred yesterday at No. 1 shaft of the Susquehanna Coal Company's mine, causing the instant death of eight men and so badly burning and injuring several others that it is feared they will die.

The deceased:
  • David L. Smith
  • Henry Williams
  • William J. Williams
  • Henry R. Jones
  • William Jonathan
  • John Arnolt
  • Caleb Jethein
  • Tomas Lloyd
The critically injured are:
  • D. W. Evans
  • David Powell
  • Thomas Thomas
  • Howell Joeffenski
  • Two Poles, names unknown.

The Nanticoke Mine Horror

Wilkes Barre, Pa., Nov. 10. -- The number of the victims of the Nanticoke mine explosion now reaches twelve.  Four more of the injured have died since the catastrophe.  Their names are:
  • William Williams, Jr.
  • Thomas R. Thomas
  • Edward D. Williams
  • David Powell
The latest theory as to the cause of the accident is that some of the men disregarded the rules and worked with naked lamps which set the gas on fire.  No blame is attached to the company.

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