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Saline County Coal Corporation
Saline No. 2 Mine Explosion

Ledford, Saline County, Illinois
March 30, 1927
No. Killed - 8

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Eight Miners Burned to Death when Gas Pocket is Ignited
Titusville Herald, Pennsylvania
March 31, 1927

Harrisburg, Ill., March 30. -- Eight miners were burned to death in a gas explosion this morning in the Saline County Coal Corporation mine No. 2 at Ledford, five miles south of here. The bodies, charred almost beyond recognition, were found by rescue workers late today.

The victims were:
  • Joe Toth, 42
  • William Filber, 34
  • Claude Lynch, 23
  • Lee Morris, 39
  • George Ambroc, 30
  • Cecil Reynolds, 22
  • Simon Simatis, 32
  • Peter Dorris, 40
The bodies were found two miles northeast of the bottom of the main shaft, which is 9,500 feet deep. Those of Ambroc and Reynolds were found together, about fifty feet from the other six.

The explosion was due to ignition of a pocket of gas, presumably from an open light used by miners.

About three hundred miners employed in other sections of the workings ascended to the ground level in safety after the explosion. Rescue workers for a time had held the slender hope that the eight victims, who were reported missing, had retreated to safety, but were unable to leave the mine.

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