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Poteau Coal and Mercantile Company
Poteau No. 6 Mine Explosion

Witteville, Le Flore County, Oklahoma
January 24, 1906
No. Killed - 14

Burlington Evening Gazette, Jan. 26, 1906 PDF Format

14 Dead from Awful Mine Explosion
Muskogee Democrat, Oklahoma
January 25, 1906

Poteau, I. T., Jan. 25. -- Fourteen lives were lost in the explosion yesterday in slope No. 4, of the Witteville Mine,  The explosion was caused by fire damp,  Three of the fourteen bodies have been recovered, but it is impossible to enter the mine because of the gas to attempt a recovery of the other bodies.

The dead are:
  • John Alexander
  • Will Alexander
  • Peter Dunsetto
  • Angelo Reek
  • J. H. Harp
  • James Duffey
  • Thomas Reek
  • Joseph Batley
  • F. Frankman
  • James Thomas
  • Angelo Spariat
  • Frank Reek
  • Joseph Turk
  • A. H. Dunlap
The explosion occurred at 1:15 o'clock yesterday afternoon in the entry of No. 4, where sixteen men were at work.

Two of the men nearest the entrance were able to make their escape.

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