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Marietta Coal Company
Marietta Mine Explosion

Pinson Fork, Pike County, Kentucky
February 7, 1922
No. Killed - 9

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Nine Killed; Three Dying in Explosion
Chronicle Telegram, Elyria, Ohio
February 8, 1922

Williamson, W. Va., Feb. 8. -- Twelve coffins were rushed to the wrecked operation of the Marietta Coal Company, Pinson Fork, Pond Creek, Ky., early today.  Nine men were reported dead and three expected to die as the result of a dynamite and dust explosion there last night.

The known dead are:
  • Oscar Nunnelly
  • Paul Nunnelly
  • Kelly Lockhart
  • J. Ains
  • Frank Ains
Four men are unidentified.

John Lago was brought to a Williamson hospital.

Three men so far unidentified are said to be at the mine.

M. P. Ball, Williamson undertaker, was asked early today to send 12 caskets to the Marietta mine.  He was told nine had been instantly killed and three were expected to die.

Blasting in the mines is done at night.  A crew of 12 were blowing out coal preparatory to its removal today.  A heavy "spot" of dynamite was put off in deep recess of the mine.

According to information the explosive was not well tamped, resulting in a "windy" shot.  Fire from the blast ignited coal dust.  A blinding explosion followed.  Most of the crew were instantly killed.

Because of the sloping situation of the mine, rescue workers had little difficulty in removing the bodies last night and early today.

Relief parties are still digging into the debris in an effort to locate other bodies but the opinion was expressed that all bodies have been taken out.

The blast occurred about 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon.

As the blasters were "putting off" their first shot of the night shift a terrible explosion occurred.  Heavy rocks, timbers and wreckage were hurled high into the air, out of the mine shaft, as a pillar of fire and smoke flashed upward.

The Marietta mine is a small operation owned by W. E. Deegans, of Huntington, W. Va.

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