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Mine Disasters in the United States

Westmoreland Coal Company
Hutchison Mine Explosion

Millgrove, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
April 26, 1925
No. Killed - 5

Five Men Lose Lives in Mine
New Castle News, Pennsylvania
April 27, 1925

Pittsburgh, Pa., April 27. -- Five men lost their lives in an explosion at the new mine of the Westmoreland Coal Company at Millgrove, Pa., according to D. J. Parker, chief engineer of the United States Bureau of Mines Rescue station here who returned to Pittsburgh after the bodies were recovered from the mine today.  An investigation to determine the cause of the accident will probably be made by the Bureau, Parker said.

One man was blown to bits by the explosion and the other four men entombed by it.  After working until early this morning, a six man crew from the Bureau station here headed by Parker reached the four bodies and brought them out.

The bodies were badly burned, Parker said.  A spark is believed to have ignited a gas pocket in the mine causing the explosion, Parker believes.

The dead:
  • James Poalovich, 47
  • Michael Socranitz, 52
  • Thomas Ostovich, 35
  • Dean C. Asher, 52
  • Pearl H. Rupert, 21
Source: Pennsylvania Mine Fatalities, 1925-1932  PDF Format

Rupert's uncle was superintendent of the mine.

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