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Philadelphia and Reading Coal and Iron Co.
Gilberton Colliery Explosion

Ashland, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania
August 25, 1894
No. Killed - 2

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Successful Rescue

Eleven miners, plus another number whose names could not be learned, were brought to the surface following a methane explosion in the Gilberton Colliery at Ashland.  A roof fall occurred where pillar robbing was being performed which pushed the gas more than 1,000 yards to the gangway where it was ignited by naked lamps.  One miner was killed outright and another died while being carried to his home.

The dead:
  • Frank McCormick, age 45
  • Lewis Ball, age 19
The known injured:
  • Cornelius Leahy
  • James Toomey, age 22
  • George Davis, age 42
  • Will Davis, Sr.
  • William Birmingham, age 24
  • Harry Birmingham, age 20
  • Robert Sherman, age 28
  • William Shultz
  • Harry Buchanan, age 30
  • Enoch Fingle, age 18
  • John Kester

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