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Colorado Fuel and Iron Company
Cuatro Mine Explosion

Tercio, Las Animas County, Colorado
April 22, 1906
No. Killed - 18

Colorado Inspector of Coal Mines Report  PDF Format
Explosion in Shaft of Colorado Fuel and Iron Company
Washington Post
April 23, 1906

Trinidad, Colo., April 22. -- As the result of a dust explosion in a mine of the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company, forty miles west of Trinidad, today, eighteen miners are known to be dead, and one other is missing.

There were forty men in the mine at the time of the explosion.  Seventeen miners who were working 2,700 feet from the entrance, escaped uninjured through another opening.

The explosion occurred in rooms 3 and 4 near the main entrance, and was the result of a windy shot, which ignited the dust.

An order for coffins has been received by a local undertaking establishment here, that many bodies having been taken out during the afternoon.  The mine was not badly damaged, and work can be resumed in a couple of days.  The mine gave employment to 180 men.

Miners from adjacent camps are assisting the rescue.  General Superintendent Robert O'Nell, left here at noon, and is personally directing the rescue work.

The deceased:
  • Paul Amichaux, 52
  • Paul Amichaux, Jr., 18
  • Matt Ceroli, 39
  • Mike Coraz, 38
  • Charles Delaney
  • Ernest Delaney, 18
  • Fred Delaney, 48
  • Joe Depasse, 28
  • Pete Faure, 29
  • K. Kome, 38
  • David Manapace, 25
  • V. O. Manley, 27
  • E. Manzuno, 26
  • William Reese, Fire Boss, 32
  • Frank Smerka, 30
  • Albin Sule, 33
  • John Wrabie, 41
  • Louis Torrosini, 33

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