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Houston Collieries Company
Carswell Mine Explosion

Kimball, McDowell County, West Virginia
July 18, 1919
No. Killed - 6

USBM Final Investigation Report  (1.5 Mb)  PDF Format

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6 Men killed by Mine Explosion
Washington Post, District of Columbia
July 19, 1919

Bluefield, W. Va., July 18. -- Six men were killed today in an explosion at the Carswell Mine at Kimball, 20 miles west of Bluefield.  The cause of the explosion is unknown.

The dead are:
  • M. T. Roberts, mine foreman
  • John Tooms
  • John Tooley
  • Charles Chapman
  • Elbert Smith
  • Richard Kennedy
First reports to Bluefield this afternoon were that 21 men had been killed.  Continued searching and checking of the employees, about 50 of whom were in the mine at the time of the explosion, showed six met death.  All bodies were recovered.  No one was injured.

The mine which is one of the small shaft mines in the Pocahontas fields is owned and operated by the Houston Collieries Company.  It has an output of 500 tons a day.

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