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Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Coal Co.
Auchincloss No. 1 Colliery Shaft Disaster

Nanticoke, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania
November 2, 1904
No. Killed - 10

1904 Pennsylvania Annual Report Description  (1.4 Mb)  PDF Format
Official List of the Deceased  PDF Format
See also: Auchincloss Colliery Fire, Nov. 9, 1909

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  Ten men were instantly killed in No. 1 shaft at this mine while being lowered to their work in the Baltimore seam, 1065 feet below the surface.  The descending cage struck the landing fans, causing both carriage sills to break, dropping with its load to a depth of 400 feet into the water, the shaft being filled with water to a depth of 210 feet.

The deceased:
  • Bislen Poplews, 30
  • John Pisarick, 35
  • William Ashton, Jr., 32
  • John Kenyon, 28
  • Joe Novick, 27
  • John Kempa, 20
  • Frank Selick, 26
  • Joe Caushen, 28
  • John Yellowskofski, 31
  • John Ignatovich, 28

Cage Falls 1,100 Feet Because One of an Engine's Levers Fails to Work as it Should
Logansport Pharos, Indiana
November 3, 1904

Wilkes-Barre, Pa., Nov. 3. -- One of the most appalling mine accidents in the history of the Wyoming valley for many years past occurred at No. 1 Anchincloss Shaft, operated by the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Coal Company at Nanticoke.  Ten men were hurled to instant death and three seriously injured.

The fall was 1,100 feet, and was caused by a lever of the hoisting engine failing to work.  The men killed went 300 feet further down and landed in a sump.

The dead victims were all in the cage, going down to work.  The only one whose name is know is John Kemper.  The others were Poles and Slavs.  The three men injured were bruised and cut about the body by flying wreckage while standing at the mouth of the shaft ready to descend.

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