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Alabama Fuel and Iron Company
Acmar No. 6 Mine Explosion

Acmar, Saint Clair County, Alabama
July 10, 1941
No. Killed - 11

Bureau of Mines Investigation Report Excerpt  PDF Format
See also: Acmar No. 3 Mine Explosion, May 25, 1922

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Seven Bodies Found After Mine Blast
Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Texas
July 11, 1941

Leeds, Ala., July 10 (AP). -- The bodies of one white man and six Negroes were recovered Thursday night from the Acmar No. 6 mine of the Alabama Fuel & Iron Company near here, after a gas explosion late in the afternoon had trapped them deep beneath the surface.

Night Policeman E. W. Hays said the bodies were recovered about 10 p.m.

Earlier, Herbert Jinwright, chief deputy of the company, had said there seemed to be more hope for any of the ten miners believed trapped.

Jinwright said there was an explosion and that the miners were in all probability at least a mile from the mouth of the slope mine.

The accident was not discovered until sometime after the explosion, which occurred at 5:30 p.m., Jinwright said.

Killed, white men:
  • Curtis Kuykendall, 26
  • Earnest Etheridge, 29
Killed, Negroes:
  • Preston Brown
  • James Vann
  • Sam Bond
  • Willie Green
  • A. Connoco
  • Edgar Fritz
  • C. N. Nathan
  • Eddie Bryant

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