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Mine Disasters in the United States

Glen Alden Coal Company
Woodward Mine Explosion

Edwardsville, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania
May 26, 1925
No. Killed 7

See also: Woodward No. 3 Colliery Explosion, May 26, 1927
  Woodward No. 3 Shaft Explosion, Aug. 8, 1916

Five Miners were Killed at Edwardsville
Lebanon Daily News, Pennsylvania
May 23, 1925

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. -- Five miners were killed and five others were burned or otherwise injured in an explosion of gas in the Red Ash vein of the Glen Alden Coal Company at Edwardsville late yesterday.  The explosion affected only a small area and no fire resulted.

The dead:
  • Joseph Majar, 48, miner, Kingston
  • John Teriska, 35, miner, Kingston
  • Frank Dugan, 26, motor runner, Kingston
  • David R. Jones, 30, bratticeman, Kingston
  • Leroy Williams, 27, door tender, Kingston

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