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Truax-Traer Coal Company
United Gas No. 1 Mine Explosion

United, Kanawha County, West Virginia
October 31, 1951
No. Killed - 12

USBM Final Investigation Report  PDF Format

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Cause of Explosion: Ignition of coal dust when at least twelve unconfined shots were fired on a fall of rock.

The deceased:
  • Eugene Debs Barker, 42
  • John Andy Barker, 25
  • Farrier Lloyd Butler, 31
  • Bert C. Clendenin, 25
  • Frank Thomas Davis, 25
  • Albert Deraimo, 33
  • Lawrence A. Hawks, 32
  • Estel Bee Postalwait, 34
  • Orville Postalwait, 53
  • Leslie M. Slack, 47
  • Dennit S. Stanley, 25
  • James G. Stone, 38
The injured:
  • Johnny Akers
  • Gapey Joseph Carson
  • Alvin Kincaid
  • William Pritt
Source: West Virginia Mine Accident Index  PDF Format

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