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Susquehanna Coal Company
Susquehanna No. 1 Colliery Explosion

Nanticoke, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania
June 22, 1893
No. Killed - 5

Other Children Killed in Mine Accidents

Fearful Explosion of Gas in a Pennsylvania Mine Kills Five
Winnipeg Free Press, Manitoba
June 23, 1893

Wilkes-Barre, Pa., June 22. -- At a late hour this evening while eight men were at work at Nanticoke in No. 6 gangway of No. 9 slope of the Susquehanna Coal Company, about three quarters of a mile from the bottom of the shaft, a terrific explosion of gas took place, which hurled the victims off their feet and scattered them in all directions killing four men and a boy instantly and seriously, but not fatally injuring three more.

The dead are:
  • Abraham Walker, miner, married, leaves wife and five children
  • Frank Beanick, 14 years old, door boy, died after reaching home
  • John Smith, miner, married, leaves three children
  • William Shortz, laborer, burned to a crisp
  • A Polander whose name could not be learned
The injured are Julin Gwent, horribly burned, two Polanders, names unknown, badly burned on hands and face.

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