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Kemmerer Coal Company
Sublet No. 5 Mine Explosion

Sublet, Lincoln County, Wyoming
September 16, 1924
No. Killed - 39

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Think Death List in Mine Blast 39
By The Associated Press
Dallas Morning News, Texas
September 18, 1924

Kemmerer, Wyo., Sept. 17. - Rescue workers gave their opinion Wednesday night that the explosion in the Kemmerer Coal Company's mine at Sublet, near here, Tuesday, took a toll on thirty-nine lives.

No hope was held that any of the miners who were within the workings when the great blast occurred shortly before noon were alive.  Twelve men escaped alive Tuesday night.

Twenty-two bodies of the victims are in Kemmerer morgues, while other bodies taken out of the mine property still are at Sublet.  Some of the funerals will be held Thursday.  In a number of cases, however, it has been impossible to identify the victims, some of whose bodies were so badly mutilated that embalming will be impossible.

Much time was spent Wednesday by the rescue workers in cleaning out the main entry ways, which were clogged with thousands of tons of rock after the explosion.  The work was very slow.

The coal company had not made public a list of names of the men who were in the mine at the time of the explosion up to Wednesday night.

Dr. F. Flinn, in charge of the United States Bureau of Mines rescue car here, declared Thursday night that rescue work was going forward as rapidly as possible.  Two additional Bureau of Mines men from Salt Lake City reported to the car during the day and E. H. Denny, engineer from Denver, is hurrying here to aid the rescue work.

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