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Shenandoah Mine Avalanche

Silverton, San Juan County, Colorado
March 19, 1906
No. Killed - 12

Note: This disaster is not included on either the CDC/NIOSH disaster list or the MSHA Fatality Archive Database.
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Twelve Miners Swept to Death in Snow Slide
Arizona Journal-Miner
March 20, 1906

Silverton, Colo., March 19 Miners employed in the Shenandoah mine were caught in a great snowslide early this morning and swept to death.

The bodies are not yet recovered. Assistance was summoned from Silverton to help dig out the victims from the snow.

The dead are:
  • Jacob Thebolt
  • Jesse Shaw
  • Guy Hoyes
  • Peter Coburg
  • Bert Albert
  • Alfred Kirk
  • "Slate" Brenton
  • Emil Boss
  • (lno) Gustavson
  • (lno) Margelo
  • (lno) Piccolo
  • and one unknown
According to the report, the men were killed by a snowslide, which struck the boarding house at the mine when they were at dinner. It was reported that 21 were caught in the slide, but nine dug their way out.

Another report says the men had left the mine, and were on their way to Silverton to avoid starvation, when one of the party, at a particularly dangerous part of the trail on the steep side of the mountain, stumbled, stumbled, which started the snow sliding, and the entire side of the mountain seemed to be moving.

Shenandoah is located on the east slope of King Solomon mountain in Cunningham gulch, nine miles north of Silverton.

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