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Sandoval Coal Company
Sandoval Mine Explosives Detonation

Sandoval, Marion County, Illinois
March 31, 1903
No. Killed - 8

Coal Mine Explosion Causes Death of Five
Logansport Reporter, Indiana
April 2, 1903

Sandoval, Ill., April 1. -- Five men were killed and four fatally injured by an explosion in the coal mine here.
The accident was due to an accumulation of gases in the mine from imperfect ventilation and coal dust which had been allowed to gather two feet in depth in many places.  The force of the explosion wrecked the interior of the mines, destroying trap doors and knocking down props.  The coal shaft is the property of the Sandoval Coal Company, of which T. S. Marshall of Salem is the principal stockholder.

The Deceased:
  • John Bartels
  • Joe Bianco
  • Frank Deiro
  • John Gichino
  • L. F. Lemay
  • Charles Lewis
  • Albert Newhouse
  • Henry Newhouse
The Injured:
  • Frank Day
  • William McFadden
  • Hy Wheeler
Source: llinois Mining Accidents 1883-1971  (8.3 Mb)  PDF Format

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