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Calumet and Hecla Mining Company
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Hoisting Accident

Calumet, Houghton County, Michigan
May 14, 1893
No. Killed - 10

1893 Mine Inspector's Report for Houghton County  PDF Format
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Ten men were killed when the cage in which they were riding struck the head sheave, severed the coupling, and fell 3,000 feet to the bottom of the shaft.

The names of those killed:
  • Allen Cameron, son of Captain Cameron, in charge
  • James Cocking, single, suporting a widowed mother
  • Joseph Pope, leaves a wife and one child, whose wife was at the mouth of the shaft with his dinner and saw the terrible fall of her husband
  • John Hicks, single, age 24
  • Andrew Edno, married
  • Robert Europia, leaves a wife and three children
  • Con S. Sullivan. single, age 40
  • John Odger, leaves a widow and several children
  • Michael Leavitto, widower
  • James Trevni, leaves widow and three children

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