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Pratt Mines
Pratt No. 3 Mine Fire

Ensley, Jefferson County, Alabama
November 15, 1908
No. Killed - 8

See also: Pratt No. 1 Shaft Explosion, May 22, 1891
Pratt Slope No. 2 Explosion, Mar. 19, 1898

Newspaper Headlines
  • Birmingham News, Nov. 17, 1908
    "Convicts Perish in Flames Started by Their Own Hands: At Least a Dozen Negroes Thought to Have Perished"
  • Birmingham Age-Herald, Nov. 18, 1908
    "Eight Convicts Perish in Fire Kindled in Bold Effort to Escape: Fifty Men in Pratt Mine Plan Bold Break for Liberty Which Results in Agonizing Death of Eight of Their Comrades"
  • Birmingham News, Nov. 18, 1908
    "Convict Mine Resumes Work: Eight Men Lost Their Lives on Account of the Fire; ... Three State and Five County Prisoners Were Suffocated"

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