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Little Cahaba Coal Company
Piper No. 2 Mine Asphyxiations

Piper, Bibb County, Alabama
May 31, 1925
No. Killed - 6

Six Miners are Killed
The Bee, Danville, Virginia
June 1, 1925

Birmingham, Ala., June 1 -- Six white miners were killed early last night in a mine accident at Piper, Ala., reports to the Little Cahaba Coal Company, owner of the mine here, said.  Death is believed to have been caused by an accumulation of blackdamp in an unused part of the mine, which the six men were exploring.  There was no explosion.

The dead are:
  • Fred Bashman
  • John Wright
  • L. H. Horton
  • Steve Scott
  • Jeff Warren
  • Eli Lucan, all residents of Piper
The heading where the men met death had been sealed for two months following a fire in March.  It was opened Sunday and six men went in to see if the fire was out.  Attempts had been made to ventilate the shaft and when the men went in, officials believed the heading was safe.

About an hour after the exploring party entered, other miners followed.  The bodies of the six men were found lying about 700 yards from the entrance to the heading.

When the second party entered and found the body of one of the miners, rescue parties were formed and worked in relays without further danger until all the bodies had been recovered at midnight.

The mine is known as Piper Mine No. 2 and is located near Piper, in Bibb county, about 45 minutes south of Birmingham.  The Little Cahaba Coal Company is owned by Memphis and Alabama interests.

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