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Phelps Mining, Inc.
No. 3 Mine Roof Fall Accident

Phelps, Pike County, Kentucky
January 22, 1982
No. Killed - 2

Final Accident Investigation  PDF Format

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On Friday, January 22, 1982, at approximately 9 a.m., a roof fall occurred at the face of the No.3 entry of the No.3 mine, Phelps Mining, Incorporated, resulting in the death of Vernon Smith, cutting-machine operator, and Curtis Adams, general laborer.

Smith had about 15 years mining experience, the last 6 months as a cutting-machine operator.  Adams had over 13 years mining experience, the last 4 months as a general laborer.

The accident occurred during second mining when Smith and Adams were cutting the final stump of a pillar.  At that time, a portion of the roof, about 60 feet long by 40 feet wide and 54 inches to a featheredge in thickness, fell and struck the victims, resulting in their deaths.  The accident occurred due to management1s failure to properly evaluate the condition of the roof.

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