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Glen Alden Coal Company
Pettebone No. 6 Colliery Roof Fall

(a.k.a Peach Orchard Mine)
Kingston, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania
July 3, 1926
No. Killed - 7

USBM Final Investigation Report  PDF Format

Successful Mine Rescue

Seven miners were killed and eight others injured, some seriously, in a roof fall at the Peach Orchard mine of the Glen Alden Coal Company.  Four bodies had been recovered.  After an undisclosed period, eight others were rescued and taken to hospitals.  Source document PDF Format

Miners Buried under Timbers and Heavy Rock
Times Signal, Zanesville, Ohio
July 4, 1926

Wilkes-Barre, Pa., July 3 -- Seven miners were killed late today and eight others injured, some seriously, in a roof fall at the Peach Orchard mine of the Glen Alden Coal Company.

Late tonight four bodies had been recovered.  The victims were Anthony Urbin and Matt Marzinek of Kingston, Pa., and Joseph Vitowski of Parsons, Pa., and one unidentified miner.

Three others who were buried are believed to have perished.  They are Metro Kabrita, Peter Kutcao and Andrew Purcell, all of Wilkes-Barre.  Eight others who were in the mine were rescued and taken to hospitals.

Early reports were that an explosion of gas following a shot had caused an explosion.  This was subsequently found to be incorrect.  Mine officials said there was no explosion.

The roof fall occurred about 700 feet below the surface over an area of approximately four acres where second mining was being done.  Timbers, rock and earth fell with crashing force, pinning the workers under tons of debris.  The fall also released quantities of gas which made the work of rescue difficult.

The deceased:
  • Peter Jutcavage, 35
  • Metro Kobuta, 40
  • Matthew Lastnick, 58
  • Andrew Pershel, 31
  • Harry Resko, 31
  • Anthony Urban, 44
  • Anthony Vitkofski, 20
Source: Pennsylvania Anthracite Mine Accidents, 1924-1932  PDF Format

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