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Colony Coal Company
Peacock Mine Powered Haulage Accident

Rock Springs, Sweetwater County, Wyoming
December 15, 1942
No. Killed - 3

Three Miners Die in Wyoming Accident
Ogden Standard Examiner, Utah
December 16, 1942

Rock Springs, Wyo. -- One of the worst mining accidents in the history of this Wyoming town's history struck Tuesday at three thirty-five p.m. when a man trip train hauling workmen out of the Peacock mine of the Colony Coal Company, at the end of the day's shift, brought death to three and caused 10 others to be placed in the Wyoming general hospital with injuries, some of them serious.

Two men were killed outright and the third died shortly after arrival at the hospital.  The accident happened when the mine man car in which the men were riding, rode over the head house at the mine as motor controls reportedly stuck.

Dead are:
  • E. D. Masters
  • Mike Karammanos
  • William Miteff
The Injured:
  • Nick Megas, 49
  • Anthony Raoloff, 54
  • John Asikainen, 58
  • Joe Neglich, 67
  • George Spinot, 60
  • Kenneth Mccormick, 27
  • August Picinilli, 47
  • Joe Survis, 55
  • John Demshar, 60
  • George Tones, 68

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