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Orenda Mine Explosion

Boswell, Somerset County, Pennsylvania
August 31, 1915
No. Killed - 19

1915 Pennsylvania Annual Report Description  (3.0 Mb)  PDF Format
Official List of Fatalities  (1.0 Mb)  PDF Format
See also: Orenda No. 2 Mine Explosion, Jan. 25, 1909

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Successful Rescue

After an undisclosed period, a foreman and others rescued 10 miners who were overcome by afterdamp following a local explosion in the Orenda Mine near Boswell, Pennsylvania.  Two of the rescued men were among the 19 that perished in the disaster.

A local explosion blew down four doors, a few stoppings, and some curtains along 8 dip.  The coal dust did not become involved other than for slight charring in rooms near the origin.

Afterdamp from the exploded section passed directly into the main return and did not enter other sections of the mine.  Seventeen men were killed and 10 others were overcome.  They were rescued by the foreman and others but 2 died afterward.

All bodies were recovered within 13 hours.  Gas had been reported in the section and when a door was opened some of it pulled out onto the 8 dip roadway where it was ignited by sparks from the trolley wheel of a locomotive bringing in a trip of cars.

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