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Hillman Coal and Coke Company
Oakmont Mine Explosion

Barking, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
September 11, 1933
No. Killed - 7

7 Dead, 1 Injured in Mine Explosion
Morning Herald, Uniontown, Fayette County, Pennsylvania
September 12, 1933

New Kensington, Sept. 11. -- (AP) -- Seven miners were killed and one injured today by an explosion in the Barking Mine of the Hillman Coal and Coke Company.

The dead:
  • Mike Stopko, 35
  • Joseph Franconi, 22
  • Charles Solomon, 47
  • Joseph Dubinsky, 33
  • Greeley Tusing, 29
  • Jacob Miller, 45
  • Kondrat Ruben, 41
Joseph Bayer, 23, was brought to a hospital suffering from burns about the hands and face.

The blast was confined to two sections of the mine.  Miners in other parts of the workings were not affected.  United States Bureau of Mines sent a rescue car and equipment to the mine and an investigation is under way to determine the cause of the explosion.

The mine superintendent's office said the workings have been explored and that the casualty list will remain at seven dead and one hurt.

One of the miners who escaped, John Steech, 31, described the scene in the mine.
We entered the mine at 6:30.  I heard two explosions, one at 8:30 and the other 20 minutes later.  I was 200 feet away and started for the scene of the explosion.

The men were lying in mud holes covered with coal.  All were dead.  I helped take the bodies out.

The first blast nearly broke my ear drums.  The second nearly knocked me off my feet but I was not hurt.

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