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Lehigh and Wilkes-Barre Coal Company
Nottingham Colliery Explosion

Plymouth, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania
January 11, 1910
No. Killed - 7

1910 Pennsylvania Annual Report Description  (219 Kb)  PDF Format
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Five are Killed in Explosion; Six Others Badly Burned
Altoona Mirror, Pennsylvania
January 12, 1910

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Jan. 12. -- Four men and a boy were killed and six other men badly burned by an explosion of gas in the new shaft of the Nottingham colliery of the Lehigh and Wilkes-Barre Coal Company, at Plymouth.

The party of men under the charge of Foreman David Roberts were doing some repair work in one of the lower veins of the colliery, which is a very gaseous mine.  They were equipped with safety lamps and it is presumed by the mining officials that the carelessness of someone in the party in exposing the flame of his lamp caused the gas to ignite and the explosion followed.

The shock of the explosion was felt on the surface.  A rescuing party was quickly lowered into the mine.  Officials of the company, who hastened to the scene, took charge of the work of rescuing the injured, getting out the dead and of fighting the fire.

The deceased:
  • Anthony Aseposki, 32
  • Michael Buchimski, 38
  • Wassil Buchiniski, 19
  • Joseph Litz, 47
  • Joseph Masetis, 36
  • David Roberts, 21
  • Michael Seposki, 26
Source: Pennsylvania Anthracite Mine Accidents, 1899-1913  PDF Format

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