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Mount Jessup Coal Company, Ltd.
Mount Jessup No. 1 Mine Roof Fall Disaster

Jessup, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania
December 8, 1923
No. Killed - 5

USBM Final Investigation Report  PDF Format

The cave-in occurred on Saturday afternoon in what is known as the Grassy vein of No. 1 mine where 30 men were robbing pillars.  Four men working in another section, and the mine foreman who tried to warn them, were trapped inside the mine.

The deceased:
  • Eben Jones, 30
  • Joseph Kahoot, 31
  • Michael Nevells, 42
  • Mike Sovack, 33
  • Frank Stavoniak, 32
Source: Pennsylvania Anthracite Mine Accidents, 1914-1923

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