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Moody Coal Company
Moody Mine Explosion

South Carrolton, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky
February 10, 1908
No. Killed - 9

Explosion of Gas in Kentucky Mine Proves Fatal to Nine Men
Evening Independent, Massillon, Ohio
February 11, 1908

Central City, Ky., Feb. 11. -- Nine miners were killed and one other fatally injured by an explosion of gas in the mine of the Moody Coal Company at South Carrollton, three miles from this city.  The mine is a small one and only thirteen men were at work in the diggings at the time of the explosion.

The accident was caused by a slow blast setting off the gas which had evidently accumulated in considerable quantities, as the interior of the mine was wrecked and the cages smashed.

The dead are:
  • Robert Cook
  • J. N. Rush
  • Leslie Gatton
  • Hugh Corbin
  • Dick Black
  • Charley Van, Sr.
  • Charley Van, Jr.
  • Charles Ross
  • Pete Penick
Fatally injured is John Bryant.

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