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Louis Metz, Operator
Metz Coal Mine CO Asphyxiation

Fulton, Callaway County, Missouri
September 1, 1936
No. Killed - 4

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Rescuer Deaths

On September 1, 1936, just two weeks and a day after the Esry Mine disaster, four brothers died in a Metz coal mine disaster in Fulton, Missouri.  Three of the brothers died trying to rescue their brother.  They were killed by carbon monoxide escaping from a gasoline engine in the Metz Mine.  The engine was being used to power a pump to remove water standing in the 30-foot deep shaft.

Columbia firemen were called to remove the four bodies and helped save a fifth worker who was in serious condition.  Mine owner Louis Metz and his father-in-law were overcome by gas as they went into the mine to pump water.  The minerís three younger brothers came to help and they too fell victim to the deadly gas.

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