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Mine Disasters in the United States

Mary D Coal Company
Mary D Colliery Hoisting Disaster

Mary D, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania
May 29, 1914
No. Killed - 6

On May 29, 1914 about 3:15pm, an overhoist accident occurred in the tower of the south hoistway, main shaft of the Mary "D" Colliery of the Mary "D" Coal Company in Mary "D", Pennsylvania.

When the self dumping cage containing 8 men was hoisted above the dumping chute in the shaft tower, six men were instantly killed; five fell down the shaft about 600 feet, and one fell to the ground at the surface, landing about 20 feet below the dumping chute.

The seventh man was thrown into the dump chute, sustaining a compound fractured leg and lacerations about the head.

The eighth man clung to the cross-head of the cage and was rescued from that position.  He suffered only shock and a few scratches.

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