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Marvine Colliery Mine Cars Disaster

Scranton, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania
September 12, 1911
No. Killed - 3

1911 Anthracite Fatalities  (18.7 Mb)  PDF Format
Includes All Twenty-One Districts
See the Second District
See also: Marvine Colliery Cave-in, Sept. 13, 1886

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Official list of the dead and injured:

  • Alex Kenevits, 35
  • Paul Tyzsta, 32
  • John Zaboter, 35
  • Frank Thitlowski, 30
Source: 1911 Pennsylvania Annual Report on Mining

Fatal Accident at a Colliery
Titusville Herald, Pennsylvania
September 13, 1911

Scranton, Sept. 12. -- By the breaking of a wire cable a train of four loaded cars ran away in the slope at the Marvine Colliery this afternoon and killed four men besides injuring a fifth, who will die.  The men are all foreigners.

A partial list of the casualties:
  • John Zaboter, 35, married, three children
  • Paul Tyzeta, 32, single
  • Alex Kenevits, 35, married, four children
The cable parted as the cars were emerging from the mouth of the slope and they traveled 1,600 feet down a 45-degree slope, where they dashed into the five miners, who were going down the slope to start on the night shift.

Their bodies were frightfully mangled and the cars were smashed into splinters.

The company gave out the statement that the cable was installed only six months ago.

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