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Chevy Blazer Plummets Into Abandoned Anthracite Mine Shaft

Llewellyn, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania
April 28, 1984
No. Killed - 6

On the evening of Saturday, April 28, 1984, six young people went for a drive into the hills outside of Llewellyn, located in eastern Pennsylvania, an area popular for SUVs and off-road vehicles.  Failing to return home on Sunday, friends and relatives began to search for them.  The State Police were notified on Monday (4/30) and the search intensified.

When it was determined that they, along with their vehicle, dove into an abandoned mine shaft on Sharp Mountain, about 2 miles from Llewellyn, safety experts from the Pennsylvania Bureau of Deep Mine Safety were summoned for assistance.

The news articles below chronicle the events of this accident and the recovery of the victims.


Connie Bluis, Llewellyn, age 25
Mark Bluis, age 21 (Connie's husband)
Sheri Bluis, age 22 (Mark's sister)
Thomas Frew, age 22 (Sheri's boyfriend and driver)
Steven Meza, age 21
Patrice Meza, age 16 (Steven's wife)

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