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Mine Disasters in the United States

Hecla Mining Company
Hecla Lead Mine Hoisting Accident

Burke, Shoshone County, Idaho
July 25, 1919
No. Killed 5

Four Killed in Mine Accident
Billings Gazette
July 26, 1919

Burke, Idaho, July 24. -- Four miners were killed and three seriously injured tonight when a cage in the shaft of the Hecla mine of the Hecla Mining Company shot into the sheaves instead of descending the shaft.  Reports to the coroner were that the engineer became confused over his signals.

The deceased:
  • B. Bernardi
  • Charles Cantanero
  • Harry Patton
  • Tranquillo Tantamessa
The injured:
  • John Martino
  • John Musetti
  • L. H. Craig

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