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Victor-American Fuel Company
Hastings Mine Explosion

Hastings, Las Animas, Colorado
June 18, 1912
No. Killed - 12

See also: Hastings Mine Explosion, Apr. 27, 1917

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Successful Rescue

Rescuers who entered the Hastings mine early on June 19 returned soon afterward with a Greek, who was badly burned.  Source document PDF Format

Colorado Miners Die in Explosion
Anaconda Standard, Montana
June 20, 1912

Trinidad, Co., June 19. -- Thirteen mines are dead as a result of an explosion in the new slope of the Hastings mine of the Victor American Fuel company shortly after midnight today.  Another miner, badly injured, has been rescued.  The mine is located 16 miles north of Trinidad.  The mine slope is badly caved in.

Superintendent James Cameron and David Reese, head of the company's rescue service, directed the operation of a large force of rescuers.  The officers believe the explosion was caused by a "windy shot" which set off a quantity of gas.  The explosion took in the new slope of the mine where development work is in progress.  The 14 men who were in during the night were shot-firers and entry men.

Rescuers who entered the mine early today returned soon afterward with a Greek, who was badly burned.  According to the mine superintendent, who came out after a hasty investigation, both the main slope and the new air course, the only means of exit, are badly caved.

The Hastings mine is one of the largest producers in the Southern Colorado fields.

John Thomas, fire boss, 40, married, lost his life.

The other victims are:
  • Emanuel Ferazzo, 25, single
  • Louis Asti, 28, married
  • Ben Bendeti, 25, single
  • George Cgontos, 24, single
  • Pietro DiChiazzo, 30, married
  • Joe Mattina, 31, married
  • Pete Milirh, 36, married
  • Bude Orlich, 40, married
  • Peter Serteri, 30, married
  • Lorenz Springhetti, 47, married
  • Jim Velottie, 36, single
  • Pietro DiEtuazzo, 30, married
The explosion is believed to have taken place shortly before 10 o'clock last night.  The first warning of the disaster came when a night watchman saw smoke issuing from the mouth of the new stops shortly before midnight.

The bodies of the victims were all brought to the surface shortly before nightfall.  The bodies were only slightly scorched.

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