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Capital Glenn Mining Company
Glenn Gold Mine Fire

Lost Chance, Placer County, California
July 14, 1930
No. Killed - 5

A fire originated in some unknown manner in the wooden surface structures near the portal of the mine at about 10:15 a.m.  This mine is an underground placer property operated through adits driven into the hillside to recover the auriferous gravel from an old stream bed.  The uppermost adit, the part of the mine then working, had been driven 1,121 feet from the portal and connected with the middle or Moss adit at about 758 feet from the portal by means of an incline dipping about 15 degrees.  The Moss adit was part of some old similar workings but was not kept in good condition.

Ventilation was natural; fresh air entered the top adit at a velocity of almost 200 feet per minute, followed down an incline, and left through the Moss adit and its connections.

The surface compressor house and shop building was about 25 feet from the portal of the upper adit, to which it was connected by a snowshed.  The snowshed extended to the edge of the dump, connecting with the powder house about 75 feet from the end of this shed.

When the fire started, no one was near the portal of the adit on the surface, and five men were at the faces; these men tried to escape by going down the incline and out the Moss edit but were overcome and died in the attempt.

The fire burned all the structures on the surface near the portal and about 70 feet of timbered adit inside the portal, jumped an untimbered gap of 63 feet, and ignited other timber sets, but because of the wetness of the latter sets, the fire died out when the timber at the portal was consumed.

Historical Summary of Mine Disasters in the United States - Volume III

5 Die in Blaze In Mine Shaft
The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Texas
July 15, 1930

Sacramento, Cal., July 14 (AP). -- The bodies of five miners trapped in the Glenn mine at Robertson's flat were brought to the surface late Monday.  The fire started in the mine cookhouse and spread rapidly down the shaft, trapping the miners.  They attempted to escape by fleeing to a lower level, where the flames trapped them.

The victims were Joe Shearer, Henry Hansen, James Campini, Tom Capitan and a man known as Henry.

State Senator J. M. Inman of Sacramento, one of the mine owners, arrived at the scene and took charge of the rescue work and of fighting of the fire, which burned all surface buildings and surrounding timber.

W. D. Campbell of the Forest Service said about fifteen men were trying to control the flames spreading through big timber adjacent to the mine.

Seven men ordinarily work in the gold diggings and five were below the ground when the fire destroyed the cookhouse, a machine shop, compressor room, change house and other buildings before spreading down the timberwork into the mine shaft.

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