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Fidelity Coal and Mining Company
Fidelity No. 1 Mine Explosives Detonation

Stone City, Cherokee County, Kansas
December 20, 1906
No. Killed - 7

Accident Investigation Report  PDF Format
See also: Fidelity No. 9 Mine Explosion, Dec. 13, 1916

The men at this mine were just going to work at the time of the accident.  The train of trip cars was ready and as the motor started, there came an explosion, followed immediately by another and severe one, and later by a third and lighter one.

The motorman stopped the machine at once, it having gone not more than two feet.  Most of the witnesses agreed that the explosion started in the middle of the trip.  In view of these facts, it appears that the powder being hauled with the miners in the mine car was ignited by a spark between the powder grains coming in this way from the draw-bar.

The deceased:
  • Frank Brennan
  • (JNO) Day
  • Heslep Dorman
  • J. W. Edwards
  • Mat Lucca
  • Don Pat
  • Al Pattroff
Source: Kansas Mine Accident Index

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