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Federal No. 1 Mine Roof Fall

Grant Town, Grant County, West Virginia
December 2, 1943
No. Killed - 4

USBM Accident Report  PDF Format
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette , Dec. 23, 1943  PDF Format

See also: Federal No. 3 Mine Explosion, Apr. 30, 1927
Federal No. 2 Mine Roof Fall, June 11, 1971

Three men were killed and one was injured while pulling timbers to make a pillar fall in this mine. While officials were attempting to recover the bodies from the first fall, a second roof fall occurred in another section of the mine, killing one man and injuring another.

The deceased:
  • Ed Barber, 60
  • Frank Henderson, about 30
  • Newland Sumpton, 40
  • Troy (Pete) Millenix, 34

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