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Mine Disasters in the United States

Lehigh Valley Coal Company
Exeter Colliery Falling Object Disaster

West Pittston, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania
November 5, 1898
No. Killed 9

Mine Disaster Kills 7
Hamilton Daily Republican News, Ohio
November 5, 1898

Wilkes-Barre, Pa., Nov. 5 -- Seven men were killed and three fatally injured at the Exeter Colliery of the Lehigh Valley Coal Company at West Pittston near here today.  The accident was due to the alleged carelessness of Engineer David Price, who acting in disobedience of positive orders, caused three cars to run into the shaft.  Three cars, loaded and weighing eleven tons, fell down the 360 foot shaft and crashed with frightful force upon the carriage carrying ten men.

Seven were almost instantly killed.  They are:
  • Michael Smith, 35
  • Andrew Tinko, 40
  • Michael Podesabanny, 25
  • Michael Brazuke, 38
  • Michael Waslowski, 46
  • Joseph Andrewoski, 30
The injured are:
  • William Pullos, miner, internal injuries
  • Joseph Winsler, laborer, head and back lacerated
  • Paul Leckanodes, laborer, contusion of the spine
The accident occurred at six thirty o'clock as the men were going to work and being sent down the shaft in parties of ten.

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