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Hudson Coal Company
Eddy Creek Mine Roof Fall

Olyphant, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania
April 18, 1896
No. Killed - 4

See also: Eddy Creek Mine Explosives Detonation, Nov. 3, 1922

Falling Rock Causes the Death of Four Men in Pennsylvania Mine
Evening Bulletin, Decatur, Macon County, Illinois
April 20, 1896

Scranton, Pa., April 20. -- Falling rock in the Eddy creek shaft at Olyphant about 11:30 o'clock Saturday killed four men.  The victims are Ralph and James Abbott, brothers, who lived at Throop; John McHale, of Olyphant, and William Harvey, of Priceburg.  The men were known as rock miners, and were driving a tunnel from one part of the mine when a rock fell and killed them.

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