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Diamond Coal and Coke Company
Diamondville No. 1 Mine Explosion

Diamondville, Lincoln County, Wyoming
October 26, 1901
No. Killed - 22

See also: Diamondville No. 1 Mine Asphyxiations, Feb. 12, 1899
  Diamondville No. 1 Mine Fire, Feb. 25, 1901
  Diamondville No. 1 Mine Explosion, Dec. 2, 1905

Two Diamondville mishaps occurred in the same mine in February and in October, 1901.  Twenty-six miners died of suffocation in the February incident when a fire trapped them deep in the mine.  Barely eight months later (in this incident), 22 more died following a cave-in.

At the same mine, four years later, 18 miners working on the night shift died when an explosion ripped through the Diamondville mine.  Reports said that the December 2, 1905, explosion "destroyed cement and stone stoppings 18-24 inches thick."

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