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Mine Disasters in the United States

Arizona Copper Company
Coronado Mine Cave-in

Clifton, Greenlee County, Arizona
June 22, 1906
No. Killed - 3

See also:   Coronado Mine Haulage Disaster, Aug. 13, 1913

From the Albuquerque Morning Journal
Albuquerque, New Mexico
June 28, 1906

Three Men Killed in Mine Cave-in

Frightful Accident in Coronado Shaft at Clifton, Ariz.

Fifteen minutes after 12 o'clock Friday at the Coronado mine at Clifton, a terrible accident happened in which three men lost their lives.

On the 300-foot level a large force of men were at work in a stope under Shift Boss Chisholm, and all but Mr. Chisholm and two Mexicans had gone out to lunch when the slope gave way and thousands of tons of rock and waste poured down upon them.

The work of rescue was immediately commenced and it is stated that for several hours signals were exchanged.

When the body of Mr. Chisholm was found he was standing upright against a large sill with a rock in his hand, with which he had probably been signalling by pounding against the post. Death was due to suffocation, while the Mexicans were horribly crushed.

Had the cave occurred about twenty or thirty minutes sooner about thirty men would have been caught in that particular spot.

Mr. Chisholm leaves a young wife and his home was in Canada, where the remains were shipped yesterday morning.


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